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Day 1

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The first day of the 21 day lockdown draws to a close.

Most of us have done it! We have managed to stay indoors.

Well done!

Covid-19 feels the surprising pressure of the brakes today as the number of potential carriers of the virus is less today- as many sit indoors. They said Indians were easy and that we did not have discipline, remarkable how people are cooperating, how we have not broken down yet.

Those viruses on surfaces for a while will die without a host.

Those viruses infecting most patients are already being destroyed by the host immune response.

A few hosts are not able to fight it well, but with timely medical care and isolation, they will recover.

A very small number of hosts will not be so lucky and will succumb to the disease.

To those who followed the curfew- well done! 20 more days to go. You are the ones protecting everyone else from a florid infection and helping my brilliant and brave colleagues maintain order in the healthcare system.

To those who are fighting the infection- our best wishes! Get well soon, we will do all we can to keep up the fight.

And to those who we have lost to the disease, our prayers. There are no correct words in times like these. A moment of silence for those who have fallen, as we strengthen our resolve to protect as many as we can from the disease. We hope that these deaths will not go in vain.

This may be, for our generation, humanity's finest moment, as we resolve to shine through in the darkest of times.

No borders, no religions, no politics, we stand humbly united in our vulnerability.

Stay safe, stay strong and keep up the discipline and the fight!


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