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Day 4


Day 4.

The tensions are beginning to build at home.

Those working from home find it difficult to balance work with duties at home.

Those at home find it difficult to cope with the increased onslaught and demand for food, tea, snacks!

And children! I never knew the importance of school! I do not know about education- but I know that they keep the children in there!

Increased appreciation for our workplaces, increased appreciation for the teachers and schools, increased appreciation for the homemakers who silently toil everyday.

We have a couple of weeks to go before we start the easing out process of the lockdown.

Life will not be the same, we will be expected to do the following: 1. Sneeze, cough with more hygiene and etiquette 2. Stand in proper lines 3. Keep a distance of a few feet from each other and not stand at every line as though your bodies were one. 4. Probably, wear masks more often. 5. Avoid spitting! 6. Think of a nation, a world where one common thread unites us- Life!

Hope the above list is not too difficult to follow!

This lockdown is preparing us to change a few behaviours that will not only help us fight Corona, but also flu, Multi drug resistant tuberculosis and so on!

Hmm. Yes, there have been casualties, there are those who have been displaced by the virus, the disease that highlights how unequal our society is. Let us contribute in whatever way we can to help out.

For that, we have a few weeks.

Let us use this opportunity to strive for that change. This would be the least we could do for those who battle the virus, and for those who have suffered because of a silly protein molecule.

And yes, tell those who you love and care for, exactly how much you love and care for them.

Enjoy the Sunday.


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