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Day 5


Day 5.

Feels like just yesterday, I was celebrating New year's eve.

All those things I thought of in the last few months of 2019. So many things. Taxes, gymming, professional goals, financial planning, exams.

This is surreal. Like being transported from that Planet Earth to this Planet Earth. Lockdown, being put to the naughty corner for having been up to mischief.

Take a deep breath. Pause and reflect.

Feels like just yesterday Wuhan had an epidemic. Do you know it was in 2019 (that's why we call it Covid-'19'). Its been 4 months since then. Feels like yesterday we went into lockdown- that was about a week ago. Time flies.

Remember the good feeling you get when you hear the news about the world healing?

About good things happening?

Like the contribution of Minal Bhosale's team from Pune to developing a kit to rapidly detect Covid-19 at less than half the cost of the current kits? And that she was pregnant and went into labour the next day and she had a cesarean.

Somewhere, while we were not aware of it, a mother was trying to make this world safer for her child, and for everyone.

Somewhere, a parent is working hard in a hospital, in the police, with the government, with essential services, with social work, trying to make things better for us.

Someone's loved one is working hard for us (for millions of us, faceless, nameless), just connected to us on this planet.

Somewhere, somebody is out there for us. Doing good for us.

And we are here for them too.

The next few weeks shall fly, and if we continue to do this for each other, we shall leave this legacy behind- of a generation that sacrificed a few weeks of our lives to make sure that someone could add years to theirs.



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