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Day 6


Day 6.

Bhilwara, the textile city of Rajasthan, was one of the cities that Covid-19 caught in its wake.

A tiny outbreak of cases on 19th March, with a potential to push the disease in and around the city to devastating proportions.

It grabbed national attention, as media channels went into overdrive about the transmission of Covid-19, and most other cities and states, already in lockdown kept looking anxiously.

The look that a herd of deer gives when the lion has targeted one of its members, and the hunt had begun.

What did they do?

9 Days.

650 teams of health care workers were deployed.

They screened 24 lakh people (2.4 million)

That is 2400000 people.

This massive screening and tracing of contacts has readied them to quarantine 15000 people.

This superhuman effort of screening has helped attack the disease while it had already started taking roots in the community. They join most of the other cities now in following lockdown and isolation strategies to keep the virus in check. Best of luck to them.

The lion has given up the chase... for now.

The deer goes on to live for another day, with that mixed sense of relief and foreboding that the hunted have.

Most countries have shown us the way, and all of us on this planet are talking to each other. Some have suffered, some have escaped, some are still running and fighting.

We might be socially distant, but we were never more close socially than we are today, in isolation.

6 days gone already!

We shall win this one, folks. One day at at a time.



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