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Day 9


Day 9.

The last day of the single digit wait as we graduate to double digits tomorrow.

Remember the complaints of life a few months ago?

Always travelling... Always busy in the office.... No time to spend with family.. No time to spend with ourselves....

I had a patient once, who said to me, "I have seen my children grow lengthwise in bed- because they would be asleep when I left for work, and asleep when I came back home". "My only regret in life is, 'I wish I had the time' ".


This, is that time.

To pause, to meditate and reflect. To be part of memories for those who matter. Pick up that phone- call your friends who you have not been able to speak with. Strengthen the bonds of friendship that our "busy lives" have strained. This is the time to grow close to people, while staying as far away from them as possible physically. This is the time- to not forget who and what really matters- and about how we, and our actions matter to others. This is the time for discovering the best in people. This is the time for discovering the best in ourselves.

This, is that time.

While many of us remain stunned by the fear of disease, there have been those who have shaken the fear off. They have donated blood, donated to charity, organised help, have been planning ways to coordinate for food, protective gear, inventions, and help for those in need, while following proper precautions. This is our collective battle- and we have seen people rise to the occasion. It won't feature in the notoriously noisy nightly news channels, but it is happening. This is the time- to figure out how we too can help. This is the time- to be kind and to help in the fight.

A reporter is said to have asked the American billionaire, Rockefeller, "How much money is enough?” He responded, “Just a little bit more.”

That is how much kindness and good work humanity needs now, just a little bit more.

This, is that time.

Stay safe, stay strong


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